Calyx Software in Today’s Market

Jody Collup

Jody Collup

Let’s face it – the last two years in this industry have simply been hard.   Websites like the sliding economy and the daily news headlines have made for some downright depressing times.  However, when we shed the doom-and-gloom atmosphere, we see that many companies have survived and are thriving.  There’s beginning to be more positive signs throughout the mortgage marketplace as well.  For example, I’m attending the Mortgage Bankers Associations Annual Conference next week and not only does it appear that pre-registration is up – there’s once again a fairly large exhibit floor full of exhibitors. While admittedly, it’s been tough watching some of our broker friends leaving the industry, we take courage and look into the future with an optimistic attitude.   Point® has been a staple in the market for 18 years now and for that we are both proud and plenty grateful.  But, I feel it is also deserved.

Point is arguably the easiest-to-use origination and processing platform and is still extremely cost-effective (with only one pricing increase in almost a decade).  We’ve also made it a priority to ensure that compliance issues are addressed in the timeliest manner possible – thus the upcoming 7.2 release in mid-November.  That’s good news for our broker friends, but it’s also good news for the very large banks.  You might not know this, but Calyx Point services the lion’s share of what we call the top 25 mega-banks who originate loans (based on the Q1 and Q2 info available on

What is also exciting is PointCentral™ has become the system of choice for several of our target markets who need more – things like business rules, remote access, centralized data, banking-specific functionality. Every day we gain more satisfied mortgage banks, credit unions and community banks as customers.  And, our upcoming release will only strengthen our position within these markets.

Yes, it’s clear that Calyx Software has a solid position in today’s market and we’re planning on making it even stronger.

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