We Have a Go for Launch!

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

We’re excited to announce the future launch of our latest software versions.  Point 7.2 and PointCentral 7.2 will arrive next month!    We’ve got these releases packed with features and upgrades.  We know you won’t want to pass them up!

Point 7.2

 Compliance Requirements

  • GFE Provider List–effective January 1, 2010: An add-on to HUD’s final rule of the revised RESPA Rules requires mortgage companies to list service providers on a separate form attached to the GFE.  This add-on has been addressed with the addition of fields within the GFE forms and the ability to print the additional form on a single page.
  • Transmittal Summary (1008):  Fannie Mae has updated this form, effective January 1, 1010, to include new project classification codes for “Refi Plus™ loans secured by properties that are located in condominium, PUD, or cooperative projects and for projects approved through the Project Eligibility Review Service (PERS).”  The new form includes the codes V Refi Plus, T PUD, and T Co-op.
  • Loan Application (1003):   Fannie Mae requires a new Form 1003 to support mandates of the S.A.F.E. Act.  The new form must be used for all applications taken on or after July 1, 2010.


  •  Product & Pricing Interface:  
    •  Additional supported fields to the MISMO Closing v2.4 data format, including an extension section to accommodate fields not already in Closing v2.4.
    • Additional data mapping to allow vendors to write data back to Point using Closing v2.4.
    • Vendors now have the ability to add a new loan file toPoint from the vendor website.
  • Fees & Impounds screen
  • Warehouse/Funding screen
  • Shipping
  • Trailing Documents
  • Document Storage Improvements
  • Co-Borrower Synchronization
  • Closing Documents Interface Improvements  

 PointCentral 7.2

 PointCentral 7.2 includes all of the Point 7.2 features but also offers the hosted option, Audit Trail feature and enhanced Rules functionality not available in Point.

 Check your mailbox for your 7.2 package after the middle of November!

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