Greetings CalyxCorner blog followers!

Today we have a “special guest” blog entry from Dee Dick, our Training and Professional Services Manager.

Do you ever feel like the poor woman in the TV commercial who hears a word and begins spouting every related word she would probably see if she did an Internet search? Funny, but so true in today’s information-overloaded world!

This situation totally applies to us who work in the mortgage industry! So many new laws and regulations and so little time to absorb it all…yikes!

We can’t do a “mind-meld/data dump,” but we can offer you a pretty painless way to get the information in manageable chunks – Calyx® Professional Services & Training. Our team is composed of seasoned consultant/trainers who are Point®/PointCentral™ power users and who make it a point to be well-informed ahead of the curve. With a wide range of delivery options, you’re sure to find one that suits you and your organization to a “T!”

For a quick and easy solution for a specific topic, visit the training page in our website and view the Online Class Schedule. There you will see the wide variety of public classes and times – including the very challenging GFE 2010, which is already in our software (Point 7.1 and upcoming 7.2).

If you need a bit more personal attention, we are happy to put you into a private online session on any topic you choose. Purchased by the hour, these sessions let you customize the agenda ahead of time with the consultant selected to provide your service – and schedule at your convenience.

Finally, for the full-out “day of pampering in Point/PointCentral”, book an on-site engagement. Again, you have the opportunity to speak with the consultant ahead of time to customize the agenda and determine how much time they will need to accomplish your organization’s objectives. We particularly recommend on-site engagements if you are a medium to large organization upgrading to PointCentral for the first time – but they are beneficial to the smaller organization as well.

None of these options quite right for you? No problem! Ask your sales rep, who can tell you about more, including the “hybrid” engagement – one in which a consultant comes to your site initially, but the follow-up is done remotely via webinar/online meeting. AND there are even more!

To find out more about what Calyx Professional Services can do for you, contact your sales rep at 1.800.362.2599 or visit our website.

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