Get Ahead of the Competition

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Christa Anz

It’s nice to be a few steps ahead of the competition, especially in this economy! It’s also nice to know those steps are easy to achieve and will not only increase your profits but also better your business.

Calyx offers a number of online classes that are not only affordable and convenient but time worthy in the sense that they are created and updated continuously to keep you in the forefront of the industry and knowledge of your software.  

The most recently added GFE 2010 class opened in October and continues to sell out proving that there is a need to know and understand upcoming federal changes. More classes continue to be added to meet ongoing demand so sign up today! The PointCentral for the IT Professional class has been found invaluable to companies’ IT departments trying to get their new software set-up and ready to go while basic to advanced PointCentral classes offer users specific information to streamline work flow, policies and procedures.

Professional Services has made believers of new and old users realizing the significance of making their software work for them. Get a Calyx representative to give you an onsite or online consultation regarding your software, basically…let them do all the work!

There are many other classes to choose from so you will surely find the one that best fits your need!

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