How do you learn?

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Reminiscing about my college days made me think about learning styles.  Even though I’ve taken graduate classes in recent years, I had a hard time pinning down the study habits that worked best for me in undergraduate classes, which were so completely different from the courses designed for working adults that I took recently. 

 I think I learned best when I took notes and read them over and over, comparing them to the authors we were reading at the time.  The school I attended did not have textbooks for any of the classes I took.  Instead, we were required to read the books of those we studied—like Aristotle, Plato, etc., for philosophy class.   I was not a crammer.  I studied what was necessary but typically put my books away by 8pm.  Then I’d study again early in the morning before class. 

 But I know that’s not how everybody processes information.  I have a friend who needs to hear the information, so he retains better if he’s able to record the lectures and listen to them repeatedly.  If I recorded a lecture, it was only to take notes on it later, not just to listen to it. 

 The same goes for everyday life.  Does it help you to read instructions on how to replace a faucet, or do you process better by watching a video?  Or is it better for you to just go hands-on and figure it out tactically?

 Here at Calyx we offer multiple avenues to help you learn about the software or compliance developments.  So we’re curious—how do you learn best?

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