Friday the 13th – Enough Said

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Christa Anz

What is the first you think about when you hear Friday the 13th? For me it has always been the movie, Jason and his infamous hockey mask, perhaps the superstition of don’t walk under a latter or cross the path of a black cat even….but that’s about it.

Whether it is the day Friday the 13th in general, or just the number 13 there are plenty of debates as to where the origin of the unlucky day came from. While I always think of Friday as a good day history seems to disagree. Events like the crucifixion of Jesus, Eve offering the apple to Adam, Black Friday, the fall of the Knights of Templar (popularized in the Da Vinci Code),  and Hurricane Charlie hitting Florida (1993), are just a few events to all fall on Fridays. Urban legends say to never start a project, or begin a journey on a Friday. As far as the number 13, 12 is said to be the number of completeness, think 12 months, 12 hours on the clock, 12 zodiac signs – things stop before hitting 13, even many buildings don’t even have a  13th floor. The folklore goes on and on about both the day of Friday and the number 13th and how coupled together they create a day where you’d be better off just staying in bed.

To counteract all of the theories, historical events, etc.  that have given this day it’s notoriety I think we should make a list of items that will make us all feel a little better about the day and the number.

  • Friday is the end of the work week for most
  • Having a hard time? In numerology the number 13 signifies significant change
  • Many successful pro sport figures have donned the number 13 on their jerseys like Alex Rodriguez, Steve Nash, Wilt Chamberlain and Dan Marino
  • Apollo 13 made it through a potentially devastating flight
  • Emergency rooms are surprisingly not as busy on Friday the 13th
  • Many people get paid on Friday
  • Point and PointCentral 7.2, with all your compliance needs, starts shipping in less than a week!

 Have any more positive thoughts about the day or number?

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