We have lift-off!

BJ Bounds


Packages with Point® 7.2 and PointCentral™ 7.2 are mailing out today!  And we’ve got them jam-packed with features that you asked for!  Here are just a few of the new and improved screens and functions you’ll see when you install your CDs:

Compliance Requirements

  • GFE Provider List Add-on (GFE 2010 installed with 7.1)
  • New Fannie Mae Transmittal Summary (1008)
  • New Fannie Mae Loan Application (1003)

Banker Upgrades & Improvements

  • Product & Pricing Interface
  • Fees & Impounds screen
  • Warehouse & Purchase Advice screen
  • Shipping
  • Trailing Documents
  • Audit Trail**

Other Enhancements

  • Action Based Rules**
  • Document Storage Improvements
  • Co-Borrower Synchronization
  • Closing Documents Interface Improvements

** These features are available in PointCentral 7.2 only.

If you’re not current on your subscription, make sure you call 800-362-2599 to get 7.2 soon!

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  1. ostrov says:

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

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