You’ve waited long enough!

BJ Bounds


For all of you PointCentral users, the 7.2 release is going to be your absolute favorite.  You’ve been asking for more, and we listened.  Here’s some of what you’ll see when you install your new CD.


 New Features

  • Audit Trail:   Provides the oversight and quality controls for data activity logs that you have been asking for– allowing the tracking of all field level and document management changes on a per loan basis. 
  • Rules:  In addition to PointCentral’s flexible field-level rules, you now have the ability to create action based rules and determine whether they should run in both prospect and borrower files, or only borrower files.  

 Banker Upgrades 

  • Fees & Impounds screen: This new screen allows for a closer/funder to keep track of the final fees and final wire calculation prior to the ordering of closing documents.  The screen data will map to the closing documents interfaces (found in the Services menu in Point).  New Utilities options, including Fee Types and Impound Types, have been added.
  • Warehouse & Purchase Advice:  Formerly named “Warehouse Advance & Repayment” screen this screen is now more robust with additional fields and a new Utilities option that allows users to set up Warehouse Lenders.
  • Shipping:  With additional data entry fields, this screen has been greatly improved to facilitate shipping data entry and reporting.  A new Utilities option allows users to setup their Investors’ addresses for tracking loan servicing and shipment.
  • Trailing Documents:  This screen has also been enhanced with additional fields and the ability to make the data reportable using additional Point report templates. Users can customize the Trailing Documents list in the Utilities menu.
  • Product & Pricing Interface:  Tighter integration between the P&P company and Point enables information to seamlessly pass back and forth between the screens–giving you added efficiency and accuracy.   
  • Document Storage Improvements: This upgraded feature gives users the ability to add a large document with multiple pages, and then extract specific pages and tag those pages as a separate document.  
  • Co-Borrower Synchronization:  Automatic synchronization of modified data throughout borrower and co-borrower files makes Point even easier to use.
  • Closing Documents Interface Improvements:  The improvements to Closing Documents include tighter integration for a document provider’s custom data.  Additionally, more MISMO supported fields have been added to Point with support for Audit transactions. 

Are you excited yet?

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