GFE Signature line

Jody Collup

Good morning!

Alas, there is yet more confusion about the 2010 GFE … this time it’s about the inclusion of a signature line – is it “ok” or not?

After careful review of the HUD’s updated FAQs on the GFE (published late Thursday night, 11/19), we discovered that the GFE cannot be altered to include signature lines.

This FAQ was not in previous HUD updates provided to our design and development teams, and indeed, our 2010 GFE currently includes a signature line.

In the early stages of design, we checked with HUD to determine if this was acceptable, and at the time, HUD confirmed that it was acceptable.  However, because the updated FAQs published last week specifically state that a signature line cannot be included, we will need to update the form to keep our users 100% complaint with the latest regulations.

Our design and development teams are currently working to provide a service pack to Point 7.2 that will remedy the signature line issue.  This service pack will be down-loadable so as to provide the easiest implementation possible.

Once we have a solid date on when the service pack will be available for download, we will be sending word out to all of our 7.2 customers.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

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