Professional Services – No Assembly Required

Christa Anz

The hardest part about buying a new toy or product? Putting it together! Whether it is putting together 10 million parts for your kid’s new train set or getting your iTunes set up on a new iPod…..we all hate doing it. We are a culture of immediate gratification so would just rather skip the actual time stealing work that is required to get to the gratification part. Well we are here to help you do just that!

Professional Services does the hard part for you. It is as simple as calling today and setting up either an online or onsite customized consultation, depending on your needs. From there our consultants will meet with you about your Point or PointCentral software so they can set it up to work the way it should – for you.  Instead of only receiving training on how to use your software, Professional Services helps identify areas where the software can improve your business’ efficiency and profitability so all in all you aren’t only saving that set-up and learning curve time, you are already saving your business money once that consultant is finished.

Give yourself an early present this holiday season… call 800.362.2599 today!

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