The New Face of Calyx

Guest Writer – Wade Brantley, National Product Sales Manager

What do you do when you have reached the pinnacle of your industry?  You change, of course!  Does Tiger Woods stay atop the world rankings by resting on his laurels?  By no means!  You constantly hear about how Tiger continues to adapt his game and improve on his competitive advantage.  Likewise, although Calyx has long been the number one origination platform in the mortgage world we are constantly seeking to improve.  As Calyx has evolved to meet the challenges of the mortgage market over the past two years, a “new face” is emerging.   This corporate makeover of sorts includes changes in how we do business, how we communicate and most importantly, how our software functions.

“What?  The software is changing?” you might ask.  Don’t be alarmed.  Calyx will continue doing the things that has made Point/PointCentral the most successful origination platform on the market.  But yes, the software has already grown significantly over the past two years and is primed for even more exciting changes in 2010.  If you haven’t noticed, the program has quietly grown into a full mortgage banking platform.  Consequently, Calyx has been implemented at literally thousands of mortgage banks, banks and credit unions nationwide.  Companies that have viewed Point as a broker-based software would be wise to take note of our growth.  Point has become so much more!  It is full of functionality that will pleasantly surprise you not only because of the depth but because we’ve managed to do it while protecting our value position in the market.  Quite simply, no other LOS provides more bang for the buck—period, end of story!

That being said, now would be a good time to offer a confession…  In years past, Calyx has not done the best job of communicating with and listening to our extensive client base.  Point acknowledged.  (pun intended)  To be fair, much of our communication challenges stemmed from the prolific growth we experienced earlier in the decade.  Calyx recognized the issue and has responded with some very effective solutions.  This started with bringing our marketing department in house.  Marketing has done a masterful job tackling the monumental task of communicating more effectively with our 30,000+ accounts.  With the addition of outlets such as this blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Calyx has poured itself into the world of social media.  Our clients can now communicate with us like never before.   Calyx continues to develop our email campaigns and monthly newsletters, which also help to keep customers informed of what we’re doing and what’s going on in the industry.

Another significant change is Calyx’s move to an account management strategy.  All actively subscribed accounts have been assigned one point of contact for product and account needs.  Each Account Specialist has a direct dial number that they have been providing to their assigned accounts which makes it faster and easier than ever to get product guidance, order products and update account info.  Since the introduction of this new initiative, Calyx clients have responded with overwhelming favor.  They have appreciated the efficiencies brought through establishing a relationship with their Account Specialist.  Calyx Account Specialists are a hard working, dedicated group of service oriented professionals that are well versed on our product line.  Most have significant mortgage experience and carry a solid understanding of the unique challenges our clients face in the mortgage industry.

Speaking of new faces, in July of this year Calyx also added three territory-based Account Specialists.  Cedric Kalvesmaki, an industry veteran, has taken over the Texas territory and is based out of Dallas.  Tom Guerra came to Calyx from Equifax and is spearheading new business development in the Northeastern Territory while working out of Syracuse, NY.  San Diego, CA, based Specialist Tom Rice brings an impressive blend of mortgage and financial services background to our Southwestern accounts.  With the addition of these seasoned professionals, Calyx hopes to get face to face with as many organizations and financial institutions as possible.  They are sure to be coming to a trade show near you in 2010!

Calyx has also made changes in our handling of major accounts.  Long time Calyx employee Tate Kesner will be the fresh face servicing our largest customers.  Don’t let his West Texas accent fool you!  Tate understands the unique challenges of major accounts and helps those organizations tackle their issues every day.  Tate is a Point expert and his extensive knowledge of our software makes him a valuable resource for our clients of scale.

So don’t be surprised when Calyx reaches out to you in 2010 to tell you about even more enhancements and new products!  We have created many channels to share dialogue with our clients as never before.  We hope that you will enjoy all of the changes that we are implementing to continue to improve our “A” game and we hope that you will become actively engaged through one or more of the above listed initiatives.  New products, new employees, new strategies—the new face of Calyx.  A recipe for service in today’s new market!

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