The Price of Point

Jody Collup

As I sit here enduring the chilly Dallas morning air, I’m sipping on my Starbucks® Hazelnut latte and pondering why it is that I don’t mind paying $4.28 for a single coffee…  Then it hits me that I spend more on my coffee habit than most of our customers spend on their core software that runs their business!

Staggering isn’t it?

Let’s pretend that I’m not totally addicted and I only get two venti lattes a week – that would cost me $8.56.  So in the average month of four weeks, I would pay $34.24 – for only eight cups of wondrous coffee!

Now, let’s compare that to what Point® users pay for their software.  Take a look at a couple different scenarios – Point accounts with 10, 25, 100 and 250 users.

# of users (seats) Brand New Account – cost per user per month for first 12-months Regular Account Renewal Cost per user per month for next 12 months Early Bird Special Pricing Account Renewal per user per month for 12 months
10 $11.59 $5.25 $4.20
15 $  9.69 $4.11 $3.29
100 $  8.53 $3.46 $2.77
250 $  7.89 $3.18 $2.54

Amazing isn’t it?  Even though pricing breaks for your Point account are huge as your number of seats grows, even for a typical 10-seat account the cost per seat/user for one month is less than what I spend on coffee in one week!

Last I heard the commission for closing a loan was well over the cost of a cup of coffee.  I think it’s amazing that even in these hard economic times there’s still an affordable option for running your business.   Aside from being reliable and easy to use, I suppose this is another big reason Point has so many loyal users!

And while I do love my Starbucks, and it may help keep my energy up, it sure doesn’t run my business or put revenue in my pocket!

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