After all these years…

BJ Bounds

We’re still user friendly! Through the years we’ve added a ton of new features and improved on existing ones every release. But even through all of the changes, we’ve still managed to keep Point and PointCentral easy to use.

Many of you participated in a recent survey we sent out. Of all of the respondents, 51.4% feel that Calyx software is easy to use (good) and 27.9% of you rated it very easy to use (very good). So we know we’re doing something right and we appreciate your feedback.

We strive to be as pro-active to the needs of the industry as well as re-active to your requests and evolving needs. We know that the mortgage business is tumultuous and that you have enough to worry about. That’s why we’re glad to hear that our technology fits right into your request for simplicity and flexibility. We like being the check box on the “Plus” column!

As valued customers, please know that your requests are being taken seriously. We will do whatever we can to incorporate your comments and wishes into our development plans for the future. For now, thank you so much for participating in our survey and for using Calyx as your mortgage solution provider of choice.

If you’d like to make suggestions, please visit our feedback page on our website.

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