December Network Update

Our monthly Network Update took place on December 3rd, that means you will notice some changes to your Point menus.  The following companies have new Interfaces in Point so be sure to look into them next time you login!

New Interfaces
Interfaces>Additional Services>Mortgage Acceleration Program – NPN
Interfaces>Appraisals>William Craig Company, Inc.
Interfaces>Appraisals>Certified Credit Reporting,Inc.
Interfaces>Bundled Services>SettlementOne
Interfaces>Bundled Services>Credit Information Services
Services>Credit Reports>Credit Information ServicesInterfaces>Verification Services>

You will also notice a new the “Internet Services” interface has been removed while a new interface, “Compliance”, has been added. Our current companies in the Internet Services category, Mavent, Compliance EAGLE and ComplianceEase, are now all located under the Compliance category.

Want to know more about a certain company in Point? Just click here!

4 Responses to December Network Update

  1. Charles Ronald Palardy says:

    How can point help a modification servicer…any help in the future e.g. walk through guidelines or qulifications for servicers and fees applicable

  2. Charles Ronald Palardy says:


    • CalyxCorner says:


      Point is designed for residential loan origination, processing, underwriting and funding. That being said, it is important to note that Point is not written specifically with loan mods in mind and therefore requires some setup on the users part. For users familiar with Point, this is typically not a problem because Point has the capability of having up to 100 user defined fields which can be labeled to capture information that is not standard 1003 information. Many clients create the fields to gather the additional information necessary to process loan modifications. We also interface directly with numerous Doc Prep vendors that are part of our Calyx Network who can provide the appropriate loan mod forms.

      In regards to mortgage servicing options, there is not a servicing platform within Point. Our strategy is to provide ease of integration to your servicer of choice. We also have some Calyx Network vendors that provide this function. One in particular, Servicing Solution, interfaces quite nicely with Point. If you have any questions or would like to see a demo, please call our sales team at 800-362-2599. Thanks!

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