To the Point…and Beyond!

BJ Bounds

We know that more mortgage professionals use Point® and PointCentral™ over any other mortgage platform out there.  And if you’re one of them, thank you.  We’re proud to offer you the most affordable solution on the market.  But did you know that Calyx® offers other products and services designed to enhance your business experience?  Well, now you do!

 The Calyx Solution not only includes your favorites, Point and PointCentral, it also includes the Calyx Network™ and Webcaster®.  The Calyx Network is a platform that allows you to connect to service providers and lenders via Point with the click of a button—streamlining and automating your processes and transactions.  WebCaster provides all the functionality you need to market your products and services, including a secure online loan center that provides seamless integration with Point and PointCentral.  Your customized web site is available to your customers 24/7 so they can enjoy personalized service even when you’re not available.

 So you see?  We’re more than just an LOS provider.  We offer the products and services that appeal to all mortgage professionals—including brokers, mortgage bankers, bankers, and credit unions.  Moreover, our personal commitment to excellence and support will help you provide the same for your customers, ensuring a positive experience for them—and more business for you.

 For more information about Calyx Network or Webcaster, visit our website at!

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