The Results are in….

Christa Anz

As BJ mentioned in December 4th’s blog, we recently did a customer survey to get a feel for what our customers were doing and using inside of Point. Services interfaced inside of Point are used quite heavily!  Our Credit interface is the most widely used service in Point. If you haven’t started using it yet the numbers won’t lie, the credit interface is used more than twice than any other interface.  We always hype how easy and cost effective it is to use, but now you can see via Calyx customers that it truly is a great tool to have at your fingertips.

Our Initial Disclosures and Closing Doc interfaces came in second and third proving that the ability to order both electronically in minutes, while knowing the documents your receive are always current and in compliance with the latest regulations are all extremely important and a huge time saver for customers. Flood came in fourth, and Third Party Verifications, came in fifth even though it is the most recently added interface.

So now you know what your peers are using in Point to get ahead.  If you haven’t caught up with these tools already, the new year is a great time to start!

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