Give Yourself a Gift

Christa Anz

It happens every year for most of us. We get that strange present that we aren’t quite sure about, and aren’t quite sure why someone would choose us to bestow it on. Imagine that scene in A Christmas Story where the family is opening presents. The dad fakes enthusiasm when he gets a bowling ball while  Ralphie, the main character, is horrified by his “deranged Easter Bunny” life size pink bunny costume from the crazy aunt.  So since we all expect to receive at least one of those gifts maybe it is time we buy something for ourselves that is affordable, lasts 365 days a year and makes your life easier.

WebCaster works for your customers even when you aren’t available. You can easily set up and design your own website with just a few clicks of your mouse. Transfer loan status information from Point to WebCaster and your clients can view a loan status report anytime they wish while prospective customers can easily fill out an online loan application at their convenience. 

So you just made your job easier, your customer’s lives easier and created your own website (saving thousands of dollars on design and hosting fees) all for $24.99 month, no start up fees and no contract. I’d say that WebCaster is the gift that keeps on giving all year long and can totally counteract the damage created when wearing the neon green sweater with cats stitched all over it from Aunt Bernice.

Learn more about what WebCaster can do for you!

2 Responses to Give Yourself a Gift

  1. Do have some testimonials from mortgage originators that are using webcaster so I can get this approved at our bank?


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