Microsoft 7 Anyone?

BJ Bounds

Calyx signed up to be a “Front Runner” for Microsoft 7, Microsoft’s latest operating system.  This means that we’ll have all of the technical support and information we need to be certified as completely compatible in our future Point releases.  We’ll also have the opportunity to give feedback to Microsoft on their latest version so that they can make necessary updates down the road.  We think it’s a really cool opportunity.  After all, remember Vista?  Speaking of problems….

 Chloe Albanesius of wrote that Microsoft has encountered some potholes along the way in developing and launching Version 7, which was released to the public recently.  One of these issues involves the European Antitrust Union, who claimed that Microsoft violated competition law by bundling Microsoft 7 with Internet Explorer.  The approved solution is that users will be given a choice of web browsers during installation with Microsoft agreeing to other provisions regarding technical support/information on the third-party browsers.

 I don’t know.  For those who prefer another browser, such as Firefox or Safari, changing the default browser is simple enough not to require a list during installation.  For those who don’t have a preference, or haven’t cared enough to change their browsers pre-7, then having a choice during installation won’t mean anything to them.  So I just don’t see the problem here. 

 In any case, it’s good to go in the U.S. and we’re looking forward to testing it and ensuring compatibility—so that your next Point or PointCentral installation will work no matter what version you’re on!

 For now, if you are already running Microsoft 7, you’ll notice that your Calyx software runs similarly to how it runs in Vista—and we’re not even certified yet!!  If you have problems, you can visit our Knowledge Base and search for the workarounds we developed for Vista. 

 As we have updates on our certification progress, we’ll let you know.

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