Do you hear what I hear?

BJ Bounds

No.  I’m not talking about industry news.  I’m talking about Holiday music. “Do You Hear What I Hear” is one of my favorite Christmas songs.  I say “one of my favorites” because there are so many beautiful songs that I love to hear and to sing.  I doubt I can pick an absolute favorite–so many of them are attached to childhood memories.  Singing in the elementary school Christmas pageant, caroling in the hospital as a candy-striper, waiting anxiously for the classic Christmas cartoons to make their annual return—all contribute to the memories that make Christmas songs so much more meaningful. 

 The fun songs, like “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” or “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” never get old; others, like the barking version of “Jingle Bells,” do.   It’s not that I don’t like the barking song, but once a year is enough.  I would love to play it for my dogs, though, and see how they react—or maybe not!

 Do you have a favorite holiday song?  Is there something special you sing every year?  Any requests?    I’d love to know!

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