Still not ready for 2010?

BJ Bounds

It’s getting really close to the end of the year and the start of a whole new year of regulations.  If you’ve put off updating your software to 7.2, you are running out of time to be compliant!  The homebuyer’s extension will keep customers coming to your door and you will need to be compliant in order to process their loans!  You need 7.2 for 2010! 

 7.2 includes several new compliance requirements that have been added since our last release in August.  You must have these for January!

  •  GFE Provider List
  • Transmittal Summary (1008) 

As new laws are enacted and regulations change, we’ll make sure you know about it.  If you are current on your subscription, you’ll get all of the updated and new forms that come down from the feds. 

Don’t wait.  Call 800-362-2599 to get on 7.2 today!

 If you need assistance in learning about your software or other topics, check out our available classes.

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