Dear Santa…..

Christa Anz

This is my favorite time of year…I don’t know if it is the cool weather, shopping or time with my family but I look forward to the holidays!

Sure, it is a little different for adults but I think we all change a little this time of year whether it be because we realize how truly lucky and blessed we after looking over the past twelve months, we find that even though family can be difficult…it would be hard to make it through life without them, or just the excitement of leaving a year behind and forging into the great unknown of another. 

I think most of it is I still vaguely remember the feeling and excitement the holidays brought to me when I was a kid. Nothing was better than making a list of everything I wanted from Santa and waking up on Christmas to see that he had indeed dropped by in my sleep. It was all so magical and I think some of that prepubescent magic always manages to find its way to me every year still. So I think we should go back to that frame of mind that made Christmas so special as kids, by making a wish list. I think first on my list would be for a better economy in 2010! What is on yours?  Is there something new this year that you’ve never asked for?

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