Home for the Holidays

BJ Bounds

Our offices will be closed the next couple of days for our employees to celebrate the holiday. We hope that you also have some time off to spend with your friends and family this season.  It’s a great time to bring families together for fun and sharing.  This holiday is an excellent opportunity to bring back our own childhoods and share in the new perspectives of those still experiencing life free from adult responsibilities.  And if you’re lucky, you’ll see some snow.

I know─I’ve heard it all before.  Snow is only cool when you don’t live in a region that is covered with it.  I remember as a child sneaking out my window just to play in the snow.  I don’t know if I was just very small for my age, or if my memories have relegated themselves to the typical “it was that long” fish story, but I do recall digging tunnels through the snow and building snowmen.  None of those initial snow memories have been joined by any similar memories since then, so it could be the latter.  I would love to have a “white Christmas” someday, but the odds of that happening in Dallas are certainly not worth the bet.  But it’s Texas…and you just never know!

 Enjoy this season of family and giving and in the spirit of the holidays, do something nice for somebody else. And if you get snow, please send some down here!

Happy Holidays!

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