The Back to Work Blues

Christa Anz

January is the hardest time of year for a lot of people. The joy and merriment from Thanksgiving and Christmas has worn off and all that is left is the hangover of debt, cleaning after family leaves, preparation for the return of work and the mysterious appearance of ten extra pounds. A recent study found that unlike other holidays throughout the year, employees return to work more tired and stressed in January than before the holidays even began.

We aren’t going to even start on New Year’s resolutions so what are some things to look forward to after the holidays?

  • Less traffic at every mall and retail store in the country
  • Saving money
  • No more Christmas commercials and ads that started to run in August
  • Kids go back to school
  • Shorter lines at the post office
  • A new budget for the year
  • A recovering economy
  • Inches off the waistline

Already there is so much to look forward to!

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