A Special Tip for the New Year!

BJ Bounds

Today is New Year’s Eve!  Most of my coworkers took the day off, but if you’re like me, and still working, I thought I’d usher out 2009 with a valuable tip for you. 

 If you use our Knowledge Base, this is the type of advice that you might find there.  But to save you some research time, I’ll post the occasionally bits of wisdom that will help you close one file and move on to the next!   That way, even though I get my tips by picking the brains of our very knowledgeable technical support people, I still sound smart and you get the information you need!  It’s Win-Win!!

 So here’s the first in a random series of extremely helpful Calyx Software tips.

 For Point users:   When you create a data folder, do not name it “Borrower” or “Prospect.”  Name it based on what the data represents, such as “closed” or “denied” or “archived.”  Otherwise, your software will produce an error message when you use the extended search function.

 If you have multiple data folders, create a centralized folder to house all data folders for Point. (For example: Create a folder called Point_Data or Point_Files. In the Point_Data folder, copy or create all data folders into a centralized location.) 

 Make sure you share the data folder and give authorized users the right to make changes to your files.   

 I hope you found this suggestion helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. 

 Happy New Year!

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