Disclosures and Closing Docs Made Easy

Christa Anz

You’ve probably seen First American Loan Production Solutions’ RESPA ad running on www.calyxsoftware.com. If you haven’t checked it out…you should! The recent RESPA changes have hit a lot of us hard but there are ways to make the transition a smooth one at a price you can afford. Outsourcing your disclosures and closing docs via Loan Production Solutions  simplifies adhering to the new changes as well as ensures the lender is in line and current with RESPA requirements. 

First American offers 3-Day Disclosures, the up-front initial disclosure package, which describe the fees associated with the loan (TIL, GFE, etc) in the required time frame.   Disclosures are customizable and may be mailed through their FirstMail Service for a minimal fee or can be emailed at no additional charge.  Closing Documents include final documents prepared by the lender including instructions for closing, HUD forms, state disclosures, Deed of Trust, Mortgage Docs and more! They can be standard or customized, are available nationwide and redraws are available at NO additional charge for up to 30 days. Need help with the new GFE and HUD? First American Loan Production Solutions is ready and able to help you! 

Remember you don’t have to trudge through the recent RESPA regulations alone! First American Loan Production Solutions and Calyx are both here to make sure you have the tools you need to start – and finish the year successful!

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