Point’s Top 10

BJ Bounds

To honor all of our favorite late night television hosts that provide so much entertainment (not to mention drama), today I’m posting a list of Point’s Top 10 Things to Do First when you get started with your Calyx Software.  These are the less commonly known features of Point that can make your life so much easier, and they’re in no particular order.  So, here’s to you, Johnny, Dave, and Jay:

  1. Set up Templates as soon as you can.  You will appear more professional, stay in compliance, save money and retain good will by ensuring that the Good Faith Estimate is never accidentally low-balled.
  2. Always pre-qualify in the Prospect side of Point, and process in the Borrower side of Point.   The preset Prospect/Borrower division in the data folder structure allows the Point user to easily functionally distinguish their marketing from their processing activity.
  3. For rapid live loan prequalification, use the Prospect Information Screen.  Use the Marketing Prequalification Screen only as a tool for displaying loan and qualification parameters to the client once they are actually prequalified.
  4. Set up multiple data folders for loans in active processing and an annual archived loan folder.  Add an additional folder for loans in origination if you need to “wall off” the loans in active processing in read-only status for individuals in the office who do not need to be able to change the file once it is in processing.
  5. Use the Contact Information Screen within the Prospect Information Screen for basic contact information.  If you do not have a separate contact management program, this part of Point is an ideal place to put specific private information about your clients for future reference for follow-up marketing.
  6. The combined ratios in any loan with multiple 1003s will always appear in the Borrower Loan Status Panel visible from within any file.  It is not necessary to be in the Borrower section to see the combined transmittal; this capability is available in both Prospect and Borrower files.
  7. Actively track your loan status with the hyperlinked Status Link available in the Loan Status Panel visible from within any file.
  8. Generate mail merged letters and labels easily within the Reports and Marketing Tab in Point, and maintain a regular follow-up program with your former clients.
  9. Start your FHA loan from the Prospect Information Screen in Point, and if you are correctly using templates, the loan amount and closing costs will be correctly populated in the FHA Transmittal, ensuring more rapid and successful underwriting decisions in your files.
  10. If you are a Banker, utilize the power of the included Bankers Screens in Point to allow you to manage your secondary loan marketing, rate lock, and warehouse line.

If you would like additional tips on these Top 10 or others, visit our Collateral Page for specific Marketing Tips or search for your topic on our Knowledge Base.  You can also call our support line at 800-342-2599.

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