Are you a Statistic?

BJ Bounds

There are a very few instances in the business world where spending more actually helps you increase your profits.  Marketing your business is one of those instances.  Running through the country yelling “CHARGE!” — is not.  If you are running your own business, cutting back—reducing unwise spending—can help you get to where you want to be.

 Recently the Mortgage Brokers Association (MBA) published a study that shows that the profit margin for independent mortgage bankers and affiliates narrowed at the end of last quarter.  An increase in overall origination costs is one of the factors MBA points out to explain the decline.  As mortgage bankers seek to compensate for rising costs and stricter regulations, evaluating current systems for efficiency is a natural first step. 


 If your loan origination and processing system is not the most efficient and affordable platform suitable for your business, then perhaps a cost analysis is in order. You may need a new platform.  If you aren’t already using Calyx Software, be assured that Calyx can provide an edge to your bottom line profitability with affordability and simplicity.  You don’t have to worry about transition down-time because the software is easy to learn and easy to use.  It’s complicated on our side, not yours. 

 Calyx Software also makes sure that your next audit will be a positive one, with targeted software updates that keep you in complete compliance with federal regulations as they change.

 Now is not the time to idly ride the mortgage roller coaster.  It’s the time for action—the action you need to survive—and to profit in 2010.  

 If you’re not currently a customer or if your subscription has expired, call 800-362-2599 now to see how we can help.

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