For the impatient…

Christa Anz

I’m not sure about you, but I hate waiting. Whether it be at the grocery store, the bank, Starbucks…pretty much anywhere! The Internet and online shopping are the greatest inventions ever for people who share the same sentiment. So for those of us slightly lacking in patience ordering Initial Disclosures through the Calyx Network is a cure all!

It is all electronic…so no lines or wait are necessary. Even better, initial disclosures through Point creates a more efficient workflow, since it is electronic there is less room for error saving you even more time while reducing costs. Perhaps the best feature though is knowing that doing it all through your software helps with your loan compliance.  We are all worried about recent regulation changes and ordering Initial Disclosures through Point makes it easier to be compliant with MDIA and HUD regulations.

It’s fast, efficient, cost effective and keeps you compliant…all with no line to wait in. If only everything could be this simple!

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