Mail Merge Marketing – Point 101

BJ Bounds

We discussed in recent postings the different methods for marketing your business through Point. I got you though creating your customized forms and marketing flyers but we haven’t yet talked about what to do with them after that. Today I’m going to introduce you to Point’s wondrous mail merge capabilities. You can easily generate contact lists through Point, send them to MS Word, print labels, stick them on your marketing materials and drop them off at the post office! And it’s as easy as it sounds.

If you are going to print and mail your marketing material, the easiest way to generate mailing labels is to go through Cardex within Point. For complete step by step illustrated instructions for using Word 2002, you’ll want to go our Collateral page under Download Tip Sheets for Point here or Article #0108 of our Knowledge Base. And don’t worry; even though there are a lot of steps, they’re very straightforward.

But as always, if you need assistance, please call our technical support team at 800-342-2599. And have fun getting your name out there!

Next week I’ll explain how to send your marketing materials to your contacts via email…stay tuned!

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