Be Mine

BJ Bounds

For all of you who are romantics at heart, Happy Early Valentine’s Day!  I hope all of you have a terrific weekend and enjoy any quality time you get to spend with your significant others.  For those of you who are currently unattached, I wish you tons of fun with your friends as you go to all the places that most couples will avoid as being too noisy and un-romantic!

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of flowers.  I think it’s because I can’t keep them alive.  My skills are severely lacking in that area—I cannot even keep a lucky bamboo plant from rotting away.  That’s not to say I don’t like some of the more exotic-looking blooms, such as tulips and gladiolas, but traditional Valentine’s Day flowers are not for me.  Get me chocolate, however, and you’ve made a friend for life!

I remember my then-fiancé asking me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day many years ago.  I told him I wanted a toaster (and chocolate—but that goes without saying) and he bought me a great one.  His friends gave him a hard time about it, though.  They said it was like giving me a vacuum cleaner for my birthday.  I didn’t see it that way of course, because that’s really what I wanted.  That toaster had a long and productive life.  Since then Valentine’s gifts have varied tremendously and the theme for the year is always a surprise.

This year we’re going to celebrate a week later due to scheduling conflicts.  On the bright side, at least we won’t have trouble getting dinner reservations!

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have any romantic tips to share?

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  1. I just wanted to say that I found your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

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