Hail to the First Chief!

BJ Bounds

Like most government offices but very few private ones, Calyx was closed yesterday in observance of Presidents Day.  It was indeed a momentous occasion for us–as is any paid day off!  But today we’re back to work and thinking about the national holiday that is Presidents Day.  When I first thought about what I was going to write concerning this holiday, it occurred to me that I really didn’t know much about it;  I don’t remembering hearing much about it and I’ve definitely never had the day off since getting out of school.

But as I looked into it a little bit, I realized that I once knew this holiday as George Washington’s Birthday.  I learned that it has only recently become a combined presidential holiday known as President’s Day, celebrating multiple presidential birthdays.  Depending on the state you live in, you might be celebrating Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays or Washington and Jefferson’s birthdays.  According to Wikipedia, it’s still not officially coined Presidents Day, although many states have dubbed it so.  The day officially celebrates Washington’s Birthday on the third Monday of February.  His actual birthday is February 22.

Here in Texas, Presidents Day is the official name of the holiday–celebrating only Washington’s Birthday as a state holiday.  Texas also celebrates  LBJ’s Birthday in August and combines birthday celebrations for Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee  in January. Of course at Calyx, we only get Presidents Day off.

How many Presidents do you celebrate in your state?

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