Using Excel Formulas in Point – Advanced Point

BJ Bounds

This week is turning out to be a great week for new Point tips and helpful features.  If you’ve been frustrated with moving reports out of Point into Excel just because you have customized formulas built into Excel, I’m about to make your day.

Yesterday I talked about creating customized reports in Templates, referencing Knowledge Base article #0553.  There is one step in those instructions that will capture your excel formulas in Point as you create a customized form.

If you go to Step 12, second bullet, there is an option for “Display Results in Excel.”  Beneath that bullet are two sub-bullets.  The one you will want to use is “Results in a pre-formatted Excel file.”  By selecting this option, you can select the spreadsheet that contains your formulas.  And this spreadsheet, with your formulas, will generate each time you use the new report template you just created!

You can always search through our Knowledge Base for more helpful hint or call our support team at 800-342-2599.

2 Responses to Using Excel Formulas in Point – Advanced Point

  1. LC says:

    Too bad the formulas don’t work. I’ve called Point and they are aware that it doesn’t work but there is no solution to it.

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