Gentlemen…Start Your Engines!

BJ Bounds

The countdown has begun for the release of Point 7.2 Service Pack 2 (SP2)!

In approximately two weeks, SP2 will be available for download on our website.  All current (7.2) customers will receive a notification email when the release is ready for downloading.  MyCalyx customers will access their update directly through MyCalyx.

SP2 will include critical compliance updates for the GFE 2010 including corrections for the provider list and added lock boxes to calculated fields and “Total from GFE2010.”    Additionally, forms 4506 & 4506T have been updated with the required January 2010 date stamp and California users will have access to MLDS Form 882.   SP2 also includes updates such as originator email fields that auto-populate in the GFE, enhanced Freddie Mac interfaces, and easier “Credit to the Borrower” entry fields.

Don’t miss out on this important Point 7.2 update!  Make sure you’re current on your subscription so you can get this free service pack when it’s released.  Call 800-362-2599 to get current.

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