Life is too short…

BJ Bounds

…to get hung up by credit reports.  There’s the hard way—and then there’s the Point way.  Running credit reports in Point couldn’t be simpler.  You never have to leave Point and all information associated with your request and subsequent report data are stored with your borrower information.    And here’s the kicker:  Point will even auto-populate your borrower’s liability section!

To get to credit services in Point, go to Services>Credit Reports>Request Credit.  You have the option to select from a multitude of credit agencies for one or more of the established credit bureaus.  Start with one to prequalify your clients and then request the rest to continue the process.

Save money and time with credit through Point.  It’s just that easy!

If you have questions about pulling credit through Point, call 800-952-9609 or check out the video demo here.

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