A Brief Lesson in Calyx-Speak

BJ Bounds

Throughout the years, we’ve been talking to you about “updating” and “upgrading” your software.  Even though I don’t have Beyoncé backing me up on this, I can tell you that for Calyx, both updating and upgrading are advantageous for you.

When we let you know it’s time to “update” your software, we mean that a new version has been released or a service pack is available.  You always want to “update” whenever possible to keep up with compliance and functional improvements.

If we encourage you to “upgrade,” we are suggesting that as a Point customer with multiple seats, you could be better served “upgrading” to PointCentral, which comes with all the benefits of Point but is designed for multiple users.  PointCentral provides centralized storage with remote access via the Internet as well as many more security and auditing features that keep you on top of your business.

So there it is.  Update vs. Upgrade—it’s all good!

For more information or to see where you stand, call 800-362-2599 or visit www.calyxsoftware.com.

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