Do you want to know what you don’t know?

BJ Bounds

About your Calyx Software? Calyx Software offers many on-line courses to help you use your software’s basic and advanced features.  If you’re just starting out, our “Getting Started” and “Originating and Processing Loans in Point” classes are regular favorites.  Advanced users can benefit from our marketing, templates and reports classes as well as our administrator classes for PointCentral.  Convenient private training sessions for your team are also available.

If you need in-depth instruction, an on-site consultation might be more appropriate.  One of our professional trainers can help you install and implement your systems to harmonize best with your current needs and business processes.  They can tell you exactly what you don’t know and then help you understand it!

We do our best to transform your questions and requests into Knowledge Base articles and blog tips but often the need for a topic-specific class becomes apparent, such as the GFE 2010 (now back by popular demand).

Our Training and Professional Services staff would like to know how they can best help you learn and use our software.  Are there specific subjects that you’d like to see on our course listing?

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