Thinking about PointCentral?

BJ Bounds

For those of you who are die-hard Point fans with multiple users, have you considered a hosted PointCentral platform?  PointCentral allows you to manage your employee’s access to specific files, screens, or fields, depending on your needs.  You have 24 hour web access to monitor your pipelines and all of your files are stored electronically in one place, no matter where your employees are based.

If you don’t have your own server—no problem.  We can recommend two companies that provide excellent hosting services, ABT and focusIT.  Our current PointCentral customers can attest to the great service they receive from Hosted PointCentral.  On a recent survey of focusIT customers, 92.6% rated their experience with Hosted PointCentral as positive and 89.1% of them would recommend it to a colleague.

So why wouldn’t you upgrade to PointCentral?  You know you already get the excellent product and services from Calyx, but on top of that—you get the satisfaction in knowing that your hosted server is maintained by companies also dedicated to customer service.  That’s why we do business with them—and that’s why we recommend them.

To find out more about our hosting options, click Here for our PointCentral hosting services page.

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