Are we coming to a town near you?

BJ Bounds

We’ve started the year off with quite a bang and we’ve hit the trade show circuit pretty hard in the first quarter.  But it’s not over yet!  We are going to continue our momentum so we can see as many of you as possible in April.

We’re starting the month off at the TCUL Annual Conference in Grapevine on April 6-9.  Then we travel to Baltimore for the MAMB Annual Conference (April 7-8).  Almost simultaneously, we’ll be at the Mortgage Servicing Conference (April 8-9) in Dallas.  Whew, that was fast!  Then we move onto D.C. for the MBA National Policy Conference (April 13-14) and the 6th Annual Southern States Servicing Conference (April 14-15) in Grapevine.

The second half of the month puts us in Boxborough for the Great New England Credit Union Show (April 20) and the Arizona Association of Mortgage Broker’s Annual Spring Conference (April 24)in Phoenix.  After that, we finish out the month at MBA Tech  (April 25-27) in Chicago and Bankworld (April 27) in Cromwell.

Make sure you check out our events schedule on our website so you can catch up to us at one of our stops!  We’d love to see you!

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