Spring Cleaning

BJ Bounds

Have you ever wondered how you have accumulated so many things over the course of your life?  And have you wished you had the energy to rid your house of all the clutter, all of the old papers you no longer need or want?  I’ve always envied those who spend weeks planning garage sales, then take several days off from work to sit in their yard and sell everything that takes up space.  I just don’t have it in me—so the clutter remains—more often than not relegated to the room in the house nobody is allowed to see.

If you have a room like that in your house, I can certainly sympathize.  If that room is in your business, then you’ve definitely got to de-clutter.  To streamline your workflow and eliminate the stacks of papers in your office, you will want to do a little research into going electronic.

There are plenty of software technology companies that specialize in mortgage technology.  However, we are preferred by more brokers and bankers than any other platform.  Why?  We offer all of the tools needed to originate and process mortgage loans—and at the most affordable price.   All of the forms and reports you need to manage your business are included—and you can store all of your documentation electronically.

If you have multiple offices, or have employees that work remotely, you’ll appreciate PointCentral, Calyx’s hosted offering that allows access to all loan data in your pipeline from any secured Internet connection.  It also provides a central repository of all information and images as well as the ability to apply field-level rules and conditions.

With remarkable technology, support and training, we’ll keep you from swimming in unnecessary paperwork.  So you can do your spring cleaning at home, not in your office.

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