It’s the Easter Bunny, Charlie Brown!

BJ Bounds

This is Easter Weekend!  If you’re older than 10, and I assume most of you are, the significance of this holiday beyond the religious could be lost on you.  Even if you have children of your own or grandchildren the same age, you’re going to want to think back to your own childhood for this one.

Easter, among other things, means we can wear white again until Labor Day!  It means pastel colored, stiff-with-crinoline but beautiful dresses for girls along with white patent leather buckled shoes and pastel tights.  It means adorable tiny suits for boys. It means the smell of an Easter basket with stuffed animals, marshmallow treats and that plastic crinkly “grass” that goes everywhere!  There’s just something about that smell!

There’s also the Easter egg dye kits that show you all of the intricate designs you can do on the package, but are actually impossible to accomplish with the cheap egg dipper included in the kit.  But it’s still fun to do and the inspired but un-professional results no longer matter the following year when the same kit is purchased again.

And last but not least, Easter also means the frantic hunt for the carefully hidden goodie-filled plastic eggs.


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