Happy Community Banking Month!

BJ Bounds

April is officially Community Banking Month so here’s a shout out to the heart of American banking!  I love community banks, especially mine.  I can’t imagine going back to the big guys. I get most of the perks, and none of the hassle.  They recognize me when I walk in or drive through and they are always on top of my accounts.  As an individual consumer with a terrific bank, I wonder why they’re not more popular, and why many of them are going under.

I recently spent some time reading Cam Fine’s blog for the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA).  He’s brilliant on the point that resonates most with me—that in this crazy period of government bailouts and regulations, community banks are the ones that need saving. 

Large banks don’t see the big picture.  The picture of community involvement and support is blurred by the bright neon dollar signs that glare and flicker like a bad motel sign.  So if they should start to fail, because of greed or poor management, let them fail or rebuild to success on their own merit.  And let the smaller banks do the job for which they are better equipped for their communities.   

Thanks to all of the banks that make a difference in your neighborhoods!    A salute to your continued success.

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