Tax Credit Crunch

BJ Bounds

April 30 marks the last day you can execute a binding sales contract to qualify for the $8000 home buyer’s tax credit. With interest rates increasing and several recent unpleasant federal developments, it’s getting harder to keep up.

Are you feeling a little stressed out?

If you’re using Point, there are some useful features that can take the edge off and help you get through each loan even faster.

  • Use the loan checklist to manage your conditions & milestones. See Knowledge Base article #0584: Tracking Loan Status and Progress
  • Use Doc Storage to organize your conditions to keep a clean file for underwriting.  See Knowledge Base article #0631: Store documents with the Point file
  • Use Services & Interfaces for seamless electronic delivery of important documents.
    • Request credit reports, flood certifications, employment verifications, closing documents, request initial disclosures, and underwriting findings.
    • All these can be done electronically, without having to leave Point.
    • All returned documents drop right into Document Storage in the appropriate borrower file
    • If your file is complete, you can order all of the main services in 7 minutes! For more information, visit the Calyx Network page.

If you are interested in learning more about the tax credit or other industry information, the following links will connect you to the latest news and announcements.

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