Open and Running – Point 101

BJ Bounds

We printed an article in our April Newsletter with Point tips that add to the convenience of your Point experience.  They were such good tips, we decided to write about them here, too!

The first one makes working with the GFE2010 much easier.  Point allows you to view two screens side by side so that you can compare data and update as necessary.  So you can open the GFE and the Initial Fees Worksheet at the same time or compare screens from more than one borrower file!

To open multiple Point screens at the same time, pull up your borrower file.  Click on the first data folder you need to see.  At the bottom right of the data screen, click on the box next to “Keep Open.”  Then proceed to the next data folder (in that file or another).  Click on the “Keep Open” box for that one, too.  Then go to Window>Tile vertically or Window>Tile horizontally (your preference), and Voila!  Both windows appear in your data screen!

Point also allows you to automate a frequently run report to save you time and energy in searching for and running your reports. To keep your favorite report running automatically, first select the report you want by going to the Reports and Marketing tab and selecting the report.

If you are not using a Point defaulted report, you must first go to the Templates tab to create a customized Excel generated report.  See Article #0553 for instructions on creating your own reports.

Once you have selected your report, click “Generate.”  You will then see “Keep the report results open” option in the middle of your report results screen.  Check the box.  Now, every time you select the reports tab, this particular report will automatically generate!  This tool is available for any report that can be displayed in an excel preformatted excel file but the “display within point” option must also be selected

See our tip sheets for more information on reports and using multiple screens.

2 Responses to Open and Running – Point 101

  1. Rob Kimak says:

    Very interesting blog post thank you for writing it I just added your blog to my favorites and will be back 🙂 By the way this is off topic but I really like your blogs layout.

  2. hippie443 says:

    This post had many good ideas, but I’m going to retweet it to my boss and see what they think. I’m always getting stuff in my email from them, so I might as well share some cool things I find. Thanks,

    Mary Fisher

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