For your peace of mind

BJ Bounds

Are you concerned that your employees are not all on the same page when it comes to ethics and/or compliance?  If you are a business owner with multiple loan officers using Point, driving appropriate behavior of your end users can be as simple as upgrading to PointCentral.

Far beyond the convenience of having a centralized document hub accessible from any secure Internet connection, PointCentral allows you to regulate access to your pipeline by individual users so that you can trust your customer data is secure.  Advanced security features also enable screen, form, and field customization so that you can establish specific access points and information type.  Additional controls like audit trail, field level control and vendor management give you the confidence in knowing you have the tools you need to monitor and manage your business.

With PointCentral, procedures you implement with your employees can be supported by access and action-based rules you set up and control—ensuring continuity and compliance.

Don’t wait any longer for the peace of mind you can get from PointCentral.  Call 800-362-2599 or click HERE to schedule a demonstration.

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