Be Smart about the new GFE

Keely Colvin

May 1st marked the end of HUD’s laxed enforcement period. The new GFE form includes an estimate of the settlement charges, a summary of the key loan terms, and other requirements. Are you able to meet all the accuracy requirements?  No need to sweat, SmartGFE allows you to create GFE’s and meet all accuracy requirements in just minutes. The SmartGFE Service is backed by a Compliance Guarantee so you can feel confident about the data provided.

SmartGFE is a proprietary data service providing live rates for local and national real estate closing services, and other taxes and fees that enable lenders and brokers to create instant GFE’s through its interface in Point®.

Be Smart and start using the SmartGFE’s real-time data services today. Simply go to Interfaces>Compliance>SmartGFE in Point.

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