Get ‘Flooded’ with Interfaces

Keely Colvin

Are you looking for a quicker, more efficient way to request flood certification reports? Point provides a seamless integration with flood companies giving you the ability to access these documents 24/7. When you request a flood certification report from the Interfaces menu in Point, you save time, improve accuracy, and close loans faster.

Point automatically populates the appropriate borrower information from the loan file into the Flood Certification Request screen – thus eliminating the need for rekeying information. There’s never a need to fax or email forms due to the direct interface with Point. Upon submission of your flood request, data is transmitted directly into the chosen vendor’s system where the information is then transmitted back to you. Documents are then stored in the appropriate loan file within Point. Then, when you’re ready to submit the loan file to the lender, the flood certification report is automatically included. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Order flood certification reports directly from the Interfaces menu and start taking advantage of the powerful Point benefits today! To access, simply login to Point and go to Interfaces>Flood Certification.

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