Got Benefits?

Keely Colvin

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to long-term success that industry leading companies have? Being one of those companies, Calyx believes the secret is simple – providing its customers and integrated vendors with the best products available, impeccable support, and powerful benefits.

Our customers depend on Point to provide them with multiple options in the Services and Interfaces menus. This is the primary reason why we integrate top companies into the Calyx Network. Integrated companies don’t just get an initial ‘pat on the back’ upon entering. Calyx provides continued support and benefits to ensure the growth of their company within the Network.

Companies in the Network have the ability to increase sales, save valuable time, and become more efficient. Some of Point’s powerful benefits include:

  • All Point users have access to your interface
  • Instantly populate borrowers information
  • Reduction of errors
  • No rekeying of data
  • Secure document storage

The benefits don’t end there. The Calyx Marketing Team offers multiple marketing opportunities to nurture and prolong their integration. These opportunities include but aren’t limited to advertising, article submissions, marketing materials, social media announcements, and unlimited support.

If you’re already an integrated vendor, are you maxing out on all of these benefits? If you have any questions please contact Keely Colvin, Marketing Specialist, at 214.252.5637 or

If you’re not yet integrated into the Calyx Network and want to take advantage of these benefits now’s the time to act! Call our New Interface Sales Account Executive today at 714.544.8040 or send an email to

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