Mark your calendars!

Keely Colvin

Summer is almost here! Are you patiently waiting for your vacation to paradise to arrive? You’ve had it marked on your calendar for months now just waiting for your departure date to come around.  The Calyx Team also has a few fun destinations planned for the month of June. While packing your sunscreen and bathing suit, remember to pack your business attire and visit The Calyx Team at our upcoming trade shows. Stop by our booth to get your questions answered or simply say hello! Go ahead and join us – be sure to add these dates to your calendar!

  • AZ Credit Union League Annual, June 3-4th
  • Alabama Bankers Assoc. Annual, June 3-5th
  • Credit Union of NY Annual, June 8th
  • Missouri Bankers Assoc. Annual, June 9-10th
  • South Carolina Bankers Assoc. Annual, June 13-14th
  • Tri-State Bankers Summit, June 14th
  • Oregon Bankers Assoc. Annual, June 20-21st
  • Washington Bankers Assoc. Annual, June 24-25th
  • Idaho/Utah Bankers Assoc. Annual, June 27-28th

Click here for more details and registration information for our June tradeshows. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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