Have it Your Way—MyCalyx.com

BJ Bounds

We’ve introduced a new way for you to manage your Calyx accounts.  MyCalyx.com™ is the new web portal that allows you manage all aspects of your Point® or PointCentral™ accounts.  All you have to do is call your account representative to get registered and you’ll be able to log in to assign unique access to each of your users, re-assign user identities, and even purchase additional seats after October.

Even better, you will no longer have to download specialized compliance updates.  Updates will automatically drop into your MyCalyx accounts for each user you have assigned.  Additionally, you will no longer have to pay for shipping as all new releases will be deployed electronically. Each user can access updates and releases from MyCalyx.com no matter where they work.

MyCalyx.com makes everything easy and you can manage your business at a time convenient to you!  If you have Point or PointCentral, you‘ll love the convenience and functionality of MyCalyx.com.

Point 7.3 is coming soon will be deployed via MyCalyx.com only.  Make sure your account is current and call 800-362-2599 to register on MyCalyx.com!

2 Responses to Have it Your Way—MyCalyx.com

  1. Do I need to go thuogh company adminstartor ??

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Dave. The primary contact for your company can call your account representative to get the conversion started. Call 800-362-2599 to reach the sales department.

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