Tribute to Dad

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

This Sunday is Father’s Day so today I wanted to remind you to appreciate your father or the father figure in your life.  The beauty of the recognition of Fathers Day is that you don’t have to be perfect in order to be appreciated for the position you hold as “Father.”

I realize that there are plenty of bad examples out there, but I prefer to envision the type of father represented in family shows like “Father Knows Best” and “Leave It to Beaver.”  These are the fathers that help their kids through problems, teach them the proper way to behave and how to become productive members of society—fathers that teach morality and ethical behavior and lead by example.

As I was growing up, my mother took on many of the roles that I just attributed to fathers because my father, after retiring from the Army, became an over-the-road truck driver and was rarely home.  I lost him when I was still in college.  I’ve been lucky to have a wonderful substitute in my father-in-law these past 18 years.  He is everything an adult child could hope to have in a father-figure and I’m grateful to have him in my life.

If you have a significant father-figure in your life, take the time this weekend to honor him but make sure to appreciate him all year long.

Happy Father’s Day.

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